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Season 2008

Super Bowl XLIII

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Arizona Cardinals_____27 : 23
--> ~ 400 min , with Pre Game, HTS und Post Game, HDTV, QR-10, NBC

--> Date: Sunday, 2/1/2009 Start Time: 6:31 PM EST
--> Game Weather: Mostly Cloudy Temp: 66° F (18.9° C), Humidity: 43%, Wind: ENE 1 mph
--> at Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, FL
--> Paid Attendance: 70,774 Time: 3:38

Super Bowl MVP: Santonio Holmes
Super Bowl 43 in Tampa, with 5 hour NBC Pre Game Show, Road to Super Bowl XLIII and Bruce Springsteen Halftime Show

Cover for Super Bowl XLIII DVD


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